Honeyville HollandsKristen HewlettNorthern UtahWe specialize in raising beautiful, rare, pedigreed Hollands! Were located in solon springs wi. Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf Be the first to hear about new bunnies, litters, availability, and helpful pet advice. Bundles of Bunnies RabbitryBrandy, Sean and JamesMarylandEastern ShoreHolland Lops and Mini [email protected], F-n-Ks RabbitryNear Howell, MichiganRaising Flemish Giants, Holland Lops in tri and harley, and Lionheads in lots of [email protected] 517-546-6831 for more info. We feel temperament is just as important as appearance, and strive to offer rabbits that not only have great show potential, but they are also loving, friendly, pets. Small rabbitry of Holland Lops. Union Grove, WI Flemish Giant Jodys Quality Critters Rabbitry Rex Breed Tort and Black varieties, too.Stirving to produce internationally competitive [email protected], Barred R RabbitryNortheastern OhioStandard Rex Rabbits in black, blue, castor, chinchilla, opal, and broken.Holland Lops in smoke pearl, siamese sable, tort, and broken. Dancing Star Angoras LeGraves Country Rabbits Standard Rex, Netherland Dwarf We price our Non Vienna Holland Lops at $30-150. Havana, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, Californians, New Zealands, Harlequins, Lionlops and Mini Rex Netherland Dwarfs We have two breeding pairs and produce litters for pet, show, brood and meat. [email protected], Pam Hall I have some pedigreed stock, mostly have pet quality stock. I am hoping to expand into Mini-rex. (414) 350 1010, Felicia Tousey Doe has been shown at ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit shows and has recie read more, Netherland Dwarf Bunnies For Sale In Ettrick Wi. Beverans, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Polish, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Dutch For further information please contact myself or husband. I started raising rabbits last year as a 4-H project. Two years ago, my brother and I were out cruising, some bad things had just happened to our family including a death in the family. We may at times have rabbits available. [email protected], Noelle Olson We breed year-round, and trios are often available. Red Rabbit Rabbitry, while in its infancy and piloted by a youth exhibitor, is committed to breeding quality Thrianta rabbits for pets and show. I started become happier and happier. [email protected] [email protected] Beautiful Variety Rabbitry FarmsHolland Lops in New York StateAlso Fuzzy Lops and Collies, American Fuzzy LopsJanets Hop & Lop RabbitryARBA Registered BreederCatawba NC [email protected], Apple Tree RabbitryAllen & GraceNear Charlotte, North CarolinaHolland Lops, Beccas BunnyRebecca JacksonNorth Carolina, near RaleighHolland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, & English LopsRaising baby rabbits indoors with focus on interaction & socializationto make great quality pets, not only for the show [email protected], Bunnies GaloreHolland Lops in Gastonia, NCAlso English LopsChrista BarbeeMember ARBA, LRCA, NCRBA, Bentwillow BunniesHolland Lops in North CarolinaAlso Netherland Dwarfs. Our rabbits are very high quality and we occasionally have mixed meat rabbits. WANTED. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Raising rabbits with my disabled daughter. ALL of the rabbits from Red Rabbit Rabbitry are well socialized and easy to handle. Nicole Weisensel good for pets or raising meat. Island Stream Rabbitry Find local Wisconsin Rabbit Breeders using our rabbit breeders directory or add your Wisconsin rabbitry to our list today. We give personal attention to our rabbits and our customers. Richland Center, Wisconsin What food do you use for your bunnies/rabbits? We have a small rabbitry NE of Green Bay, WI. We raise purebred white New Zealands for both meat as well as breeding/showing stock. Ioccasionally have chocolates. Colfax, Wisconsin Cambridge, Wisconsin Robin-Bunny. The Bunny GirlIngrid GriffinDenver, North Carolina(outside Lake Norman area)Pedigreed Holland LopsBreed/show quality beautiful Holland Lops.Emphasis on quality, care and tempermentin our small open rabbitry. Thank you! Havana, Holland Lops, Thrianta, Satins Mini Rex Rabbit Breeders with Bunnies for Sale, Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breeders with Bunnies for Sale. (715)317-1105, Jenna Heil Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarf Warrens, Wisconsin Run and jump in our fenced in yard. Angels Rabbitry We are just starting up again -years ago in Iowa ( we raised french Lops, mini lops ,checkered giants, flemish giants, new zealands and california rabbits , MY husband is retiring & this will give us something to do together.. we have mini lop purebreds but the babies are not registered right now as I dont have the tattooing equipment. Woodville, Wisconsin (608)447-1672, Donna Towell We are a rabbitry located near Topeks, Ks. Forest Side Rabbitry Our rabbitry is located in the Southeast part of Wisconsin, We have been raising show and fiber wool rabbits for 14 years. We offer 4-H and youth discounts. (262)235-2675, Angie Wee (414)467-4427, Angela Snyder Come and check us out and let us know how you like it. Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop anything with a lot of color. We also show Lilac, broken, blue, and chocolate. The Fluffy Chick N More Mini rexes in black, blue, brokens, black and blue otters, occasionally Himalayan, tortoise, tricolor and others:) Polish in chocolate, black and brokens. Many of our original breeding does and bucks are pedigreed and come from great lines and rabbitries. Our holland lops are well socialized with young children and other animals. We are excited about embarking on this adventure and look forward to connecting to other breeders. GF Rabbitry We have many other breeds on our little hobby farm but no other mating pairs outside the Dutch and Flemish Giants so maybe someday we will decide to expand. God bless. We only breed twice a year, spring and fall, and take pride in breeding for temperament first. (414)571-5127, Liz Reeb Fond du lac, WI Lucky Charms Rabbitry Our main breeds that we breed and show areHolland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish and Thriantas. The Holland Lop is the smallest of the lop rabbit breeds. We breed and raise wonderful pet holland lop bunnies. We specialize in Holland Lops and Lionheads. [email protected] I show at my county fair and several other shows in Wisconsin. A small rabbitry devoted to raising quality New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds Our sons 4H project, became our familys hobby. T, Denmark, Wisconsin, 54208, Gary Falk (262)885-6083, Jessica Parsons lion Lops are so cute and not many breeders around here in the U.S. I am always working towards raising show quality rabbits and in a variety of colors. [email protected] Wisconsin Dells, WI Holland lops Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops Varieties of satins raised: black, blue, broken, Cal, Chin, Red, White. Tink-Tink RabbitryCarly JamesCharlotte, NCHolland Lop and Netherland Dwarfs of show quality, Buckeye Holland HoppersJacob and Jo HawkesMount Sterling, [email protected], Hollificent LopsNatalie and Allyson K.Southwest OhioHolland [email protected], Sugarhill HollandsCathee ArthurMedina, OhioRaising Holland Lops in [email protected], Daisy Patch RabbitsLana McCormickWest Virginia close to southern OhioSpecializing in Top Quality Sable Points. We began breeding 3 years ago and are enjoying the time spent together in this project. I am breeding lop bunnies; they are black and white and very friendly. JayCee and Dylan both 4H members here in Jackson County, show open and youth at the closer ARBA shows and 4-H shows. Joeys Friends RabbitrySavannah DeGarmoHolland Lop, LionheadsCalifornia, Whispering Breeze RabbitryNorco, CAHolland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Beveren. 2 Carrot Gems Our rabbits are breed for pure stock shows, Pets and meat. [email protected] Silver Fox We are a small rabbitry located in Edgerton, WI We started out with two rabbits for our boys and now we have over 50 does and 10 bucks! A rabbit "binkie" is when they jump and twist, while in the air at the same time. Chetek , Wisconsin Netherland Dwarf colors are orange, tort, and chocolate do occasionally get other colors. [email protected] 715-253-3128. Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads Please call 920-730-8453. We purchased Rex rabbits from some of the top breeders in Wisconsin. Pulaski, Wisconsin We hold our rabbits and post pictures of them daily so you can follow their progress until you bring them home! [email protected] www.phrabbitry.wixsite.com/bunny Hamlintons Hoppin LopsHollands in Leicester, NCAlso Netherland DwarfsMalena Hamilton, Liles LopsChristopher LileNear Asheville, North CarolinaHolland Lops (sable points, pointed whites, blues, & torts)[email protected]. We currently rasie/breed/sell Netherlands, Mini-Rex and Lionheads. We love to work with children getting started in 4-H Clubs. Kailey K's Holland Lops Rabbitry is located in the beautiful state of Colorado! A very small rabbitry, silver fox rabbits, pedigreed. I have been showing at the fair for many years, and 2 years of going to rabbit shows. 6- you can return the bunny or bunnies within five months if its not healthy or not the gender you wanted and we will give you the money back They are also one of the best producing meat rabbits. PARDEEVILLE, Wisconsin Salem, Wisconsin (563)581-5908, Paige and Debbie Kramer I raise Netherland Dwarfs exclusively for show quality & pet personality near Green Bay, WI. Rusty B Rabbitry Besides temperament, we also breed for quality. View our comprehensive holland lop color guide with pictures and detailed descriptions. Check our website for these updates. (920)889-3051, Aleksandra Krstic We love all of our rabbits and devote countless hours daily to their care and well-being. All of our rabbits are pedigreed and fed pellets, locally grown hay, clean water. New pictures up of the baby bunnies available! We breed Lionheads In Most every Color Though we Are trying to Narrow that down to broken colors and Magpies/ Harlequins. Show stock also available from time to time. 2 Polish rabbits unrelated. Flemish are now the only breed we raise. Red Rabbit Rabbitry Schofield, Wisconsin How To Tell The Difference Between Hares And Rabbits. We like to give ourselves room with pricing to work with whatever bunny we end up with. Rabbit Breeder located in Colorado, striving to raise quality Holland Lops . Thank you. Easy-going, sweet, and friendly, the Holland Lop will win you over with its wonderful personality. [email protected] we have up coming litters for 2019 The name Gracie came from my Blue Chin English Lop that lost feeling in her back legs and cannot move them. The rabbits stay outside in the spring, fall and summer and are moved inside in the winter. All rabbits for sale are on our website along with more details about our rabbitry. Raised outdoors but brought inside to play. Specializing in raising healthy quality Holland Lops, English Angoras, Lionheads, Velveteen Lops, and our newest additions, Mini Plush Lops!!! I am located in Wisconsin and have 50 Does, 5 Bucks, approx. Mohawksin Rabbitry Burnettes Loveable LopsSpecializing in Chocolate Holland LopsWestern North Carolina, near Asheville. I can make trips to Chippewa Falls or possibly Lake hallie. Clear Lake, Wisconsin Rabbits are my passion and just trying to help future breeders out. Pine Haven Rabbitry Green Bay, WI [email protected], Zoe Ulrich In the Holland Lops, I get: Tortoise, Black, Tri, Sable Point, REW, and Pearl. Purple Clover Rabbitry Text messages will be responded to quicker than voice-mail Lonesome Pine Farms Rabbitry We are a small Rabbitry that raises mostly Jersey Wooly rabbits. [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you! They pose similarly to a cat, resting mostly on their hind legs and only slightly on their two front feet. Waterford, Wisconsin Many of the sites listed here arent updated frequently but the breeders are often still in business. Blue ribbon bunnies is operated by me and my best friend Kat , we are both 15 and very mature about business. The Honey Bunny Tree Great prices and discounts for multiple purchases. We started out with 3 mutt rabbits that have been our pets for years (Fluffy, Countess, and Thumper). Brokens and solidsStandard Rex; Castor, Opal, Black, Blue, Chocolate, lilac, Otters,Martens, Chinchilla, Amber and Tri color, occasionally lynx Brokens and SolidsFlemish Giant; Fawn only Solid onlywww.softpawsrabbits.weebly.com and www.softpawshaven.weebly.comWe also breed Abyssinian Cats, Turkish Van Cats, (Both are CFA, TCAand TICA registered) and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, triple registered, Rickys RabbitryRicky WylesMorrilton, ArkansasHolland LopsOur rabbitry is located in Central Arkansas, we specialize in breeding100% healthy and happy Pedigree Holland Lops as a pet or for show. Fredonia, Wisconsin CT RabbitryTia BakerSouthern OregonNetherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Mini Rex & Holland Lop, Drowsy Waters FarmHolland Lops in Northwest OregonAlso raising Katahdin Hair sheep and dairy goats, Angel Bunnies RabbitryJennifer GerberLebanon PA / Lancaster countyAmerican Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, and French [email protected] us out on FB under Angel Bunnies Rabbitry, All The Rage RabbitryMorgan ShenkLebanon, PA 17042Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Champagne dArgents, Carrot Bait RabbitryEunice FlautaPennsylvaniaForks Township, Easton, PA near the New Jersey BorderLionheads, Holland Lops, Chocolate Dutch, English Angora, [email protected], Mountainside RabbitryPennsylvaniaNear Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Trucksville, PAHolland Lops in a variety of colorsBEWS, VMS, Chocolates, Brokens and much more, Oak Ridge RabbitryJulie CahillHolland Lops and Jersey WooliesCentral Pennsylvania, Kims Hopping LopsHolland Lops in PAAlso raising LionheadsKim Callahan, Bunny Hill RabbitryHolland Lops in southwestern PAAlso Netherland DwarfsSusan Davidson, thf Saynora Holland LopsHolland Lops in Pennsylvania and VirginiaJenna Buchenauer and Tracy Lukeman, Lyndale FarmTioga County, PALinda SwanAlso raising Lionheads, Spring Lake LopsKrys KolivrasHolland Lop rabbits in PA. Hippity Hop RabbitsTracy SivoExeter, Rhode IslandHolland Lop & LionheadWe are a mother & daughter team operating a small rabbitry. Mini Rex, Californian or Mini Rex Stratford, Wisconsin [email protected], Julienne Melinda Patane Bond [email protected] Flemish Giant Our goals for our rabbitry are to produce quality German Angoras and German Angora hybrids. Helenville, Wisconsin TCRabbitry 5. All of our rabbits are fed organic pellets and fresh produce, organic grain and seed mix, and wild leafy greens. We have Yorkshire terriers once in a while from (whom we call our children as our Yorkies are our family