Id suggest using a main or spinnaker halyard to hold the mast and furler together. When its time to haul out and go home, you simply disconnect the shock cords, stow the system tight against the mast, and the boom can come off without any dangling lines attached. During testing, the mainsail battens fouled in the lazy jacks more often than not since the lazy jacks were only a few inches apart to start with. It's ugly now, because it is proof of concept at this stage. You can shorten it more if you want it tighter. I used 4" PVC with end caps to build mine. Depending on how close the fit is and how much overlap, when youre rolling the mast back to set it in the step, there can be considerable strain on that joint. A thin wall or soft aluminum might deform so make it beefy there. Also, have you ever noticed the boom baby stays pulling too much on the stantions? There is a tiny bit of wear after 36 years but not enough to matter. I have found much of your blog to be enlightening and entertaining! (LogOut/ We are pleased to share the names of our 2022 Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalists! I assume you ease the lazy jacks by releasing the shock cord from the mid-boom hook. The spreaders hold the lazy jacks open instead. With such a system, it's easy to do the job singlehanded unless the wind is blowing hard. Each segment is able to run freely through the thimbles of the adjacent segments. I used 1/4 marine shock cord. They really just help to hold the boom vertical while youre setting the system up until you begin to raise the mast. I use this method when its windy, when Im setting up in a unlevel area, or on the water when its choppy. Angle the aft edge of the end of the mast so that it will rotate without binding in both directions. If you build the lazy jacks like I describe here, with static rope for the upper segments and shock cord for the lowers, then the amount of shock cord is the same regardless of how you rig the uppers. A joint effort of Coca-Cola bottlers across the, he Coca-Cola Scholars Program is the largest corporate-sponsored, achievement-based scholarship program. A joint effort of Coca-Cola bottlers across thecountryand The Coca-Cola Company, the Coca-Cola Scholars Program is the largest corporate-sponsored, achievement-based scholarship programin the United States. You temporarily attach these to hooks and eyes on the boom during use. Im also looking at the idea from the clever MacGregor 26 mast raising pole that uses a winch on the pole with baby stays with a special one to automatically keep the lowered furler up off the deck. I can point Summer Dance into the wind and drop the mainsail neatly into the cradle in seconds. If your sailboat doesnt have the same style of gooseneck fitting as a Catalina 22 or you cant use your boom for some other reason but you do have a spinnaker pole, you might be able to use it instead as this picture from a Westerly 21 owner shows. I was only introduced to sailing two years ago when I bought a Sunfish. Brilliant repurpose of mainsheet. Im afraid if any weight or force is applied to the spreaders, it might bend them or break the plastic in the caps, or both. Enter your email address below to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. First of all, thanks for all your tips, tricks, and videos. I would like to do the same thing with my 1974 Ranger 20. I have looked at the mast rising video countless times. One side of the bracket is bolted through the mast step and the cabin topin front of the mast. Make sure you run your lazy jacks inboard of it if you add one. This picture also shows that a gin pole can be a great help with lifting the extra weight added by a furler. Apr 7, 2012 #7 A mast crutch doesn't have to be that strong, it's only carrying 1/2 the weight of the mast which only weighs about 60 to 80 lbs. Those should last a lifetime. I guess my only concern is the downward pull of the sail on the spreaders as the sail is being dropped and possibly luffing around in the wind, as others in the comments above expressed as well. I love Dr. Shor and staff! That, or use the outboard tiller instead of the rudder to get to the ramp if you can. Ill be looking forward to hearing from you. Learn more at, California School of the Arts - San Gabriel Valley, King Drew Magnet High School Medicine and Science, Cab Calloway School of the Arts High School, Friendship Public Charter School: Collegiate Academy, District of Columbia International School, Design and Architecture Senior High School, Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School, West Florida High School of Advanced Technology, Walter Payton College Preparatory High School, University of Chicago Laboratory High School, Northside College Preparatory High School, Spoon River Valley Junior-Senior High School, Randolph Southern Junior-Senior High School, West Washington Junior-Senior High School, Patrick F Taylor Science Technology Academy, Roger L Putnam Vocational-Technical High School, Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, Springfield High School of Science and Technology, John D O'Bryant School of Math and Science, Benjamin Carson High School of Science And Med, Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial High School, Douglas County West Community High School, Northern Burlington County Regional High School, Middlesex Cty Acad for Allied Health Biosciences, Leon M Goldstein High School for Sciences, High School for Math Science Engineering CCNY, Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Performing Arts, Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School, Science Technology Research High School at Erasmus, Queens HS for Information Research and Technology, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Brunswick County Early College High School, Pennsylvania Leadership Chrtr Sch: Univ Schlr Prog, William W Bodine HS for International Affairs, Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, Barack Obama Academy of International Studies, Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School, Mayo High School for Math Science and Technology, Lake Marion High School and Technology Center, Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Memorial High School, Michael E Debakey High Sch for Health Professions, South Texas Business Education and Tech Academy, Northern Utah Academy for Math Engineering & Science - North Campus, Maggie L Walker Governor's Sch Gov't Int'l Stds, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech. This year I will have my last set of grades I will use fo Read More, Dr Shor was happy with my progress; no cane, no walker!!! $16.94. He also suggested using a beefier thickness if choosing aluminum just like your suggestion. Thats an excellent question, Jim, since it wasnt shown on the drawing. Use it as a starting point to add and remove items to make your own checklist. You can see the whole main sheet in the video in Quit Spending Setup Time on Turnbuckles. How do you step the mast on your trailerable sailboat, with a gin pole? The boom. Youll need the leverage for the extra weight, especially with the addition of the furler. No tools or knot tying are needed for my system and any one of them works in seconds and stows easily either onboard or in my pickup. I see this as a miracle! Without the expensive blocks or cables used in other systems, all the parts of this design (about $30) are easily and economically replaced as needed. Saint Simons Island, Georgia 31522. If you believe in the rulethat you should have a backup for every critical part and system, then you also need a backup mast stepping plan even if you normally step the mast with the factory recommended method. determining the length of it? But I added your email address to the newsletter recipient list back on May 11. Ive been using this lazy jack system continuously for six years and I still like it. I like the idea of using PVC tube & fence to make mast supports. It passes through cringles in the sail and carries the luff slides. Allan. I wonder if you could post a picture of the L-shaped aluminum bracket that you fabricated and how it is attached to the boom? I am definitely a long time blog follower, and look forward to every post, but I have never gotten a newsletter. Sailing isn't a matter of life and death. So I dont think I need that much strength or weight. Can you manually add me, please? One needs to attach a mast bail with the MacGregor 26 solo mast stepping system. Hi, I like your idea of the mast raising system without a gin pole. I lower the mast by the same method but in reverse, which helps to remember the steps in both directions. Could you add me to whatever email list you use? A certain online Catalina parts retailer offers a simple but expensive kit specifically for the C-22. The critical area is where the outer tube overlaps the inner tube when the crutch is extended. I did not make a fabrication drawing for the pulpit saddle because of the complex angles of the railing cutouts. JavaScript is disabled. I read about it on TropicalBoating ( Junior year of high school, Im in a critical year of my education to this point of my life. You definitely dont need much strength and as little weight as possible. Im really glad it helped. All I can find is telescoping 1-3/4 & 1 tubing. If so, any concerns about the lazy jacks down force on the spreaders? Then if you want to make it tighter, you can shorten the shock cord more. Most readers wouldnt be able to cut them accurate enough, so its a trial and error fit. The other end passes through the mast carrier, around the mast, and hooks back onto itself. I marked the bottom cut-outs by placing the PVC on top of the bow pulpit and tracing from below. Love your site. Each middle line segment is one piece of line 10.5 long. I thinking Boom crutch ; my mast stays up when motoringDale. I think aluminum would work great so long as the wall thickness of the tubes is adequate. I use the standard C-22 main sheet tackle which has a 3:1 mechanical advantage. The only system that Ive found that combines good function with trailering convenience is the Sail Cradle Mark IV from SailCare. If the wind is low, I often jump up there and grab them by hand and rehook them. Not sure how to go about raising the mast without helpeven with this setup. I think I will either get some more sail ties for securing the rigging on the trailer, or make up some velcro webbing straps. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. I dont have the lower stays, nor do I have any of the attachment point on the mast that I can see. The idea is that when I'm trailering, the mast sits on a roller at the top of the 'A', which allows the mast to easily roll forward and aft. Most people use the trailer winch to help raise and lower the mast. Brilliant. When raising or lowering my mast, it too will tend to swing to one side or the other until its about half way up and the upper shrouds tighten and hold it centered the rest of the way up. Ideal for . A mast crutch doesnt have to be that strong, its only carrying 1/2 the weight of the mast which only weighs about 60 to 80 lbs. Click here for Amazon AWS Ashburn Data Center including address, city, description, specifications, pictures, video tour and contact information. Since the loop is perpendicular to the line of the mast/boom rotation, it wont work well using only off the shelf parts. They helped save my life literally. Welcome to the Catalina 22 Experiment We call this site the Catalina 22 Experiment, but it is really for any small sailboat owner. ie. You can even drill more holes at different heights for different purposes. To check the mast for being in column sight up the main sail track and make the necessary adjustments so that the mast is not out of column at the spreaders. With theaddition of the2022class, theCoca-Cola Scholars Foundationwill have providedmore than6,600CokeScholarsnationwide withover$78million in scholarshipsover the course of 34years. Have you experienced any water penetration through this hole? Thanks for the video on the no pole lift, thats pretty much how I need to do it though I usually am working on the hard before getting a lift in. When you reef, the jack line goes slack allowing the reefed section of the luff to move . My question is on the size of the shock cord you used and size and type of the line. The second bonus is a dimensioned drawing and materials list for my DIY mast crutch that is described at the beginning of this post. Walk the mast aft and drop the mast foot into the mast step on top of the deck, keeping the mast in center line of boat, insert the pivot bolt and locking nut. Ive found that having them a different size and color than my running rigging helps to distinguish them when setting up the rigging. I get them from various suppliers, Bob. This new design mast carrier kit rests on the bow pulpit of your Catalina 22, Capri 18, Capri 22, or Catalina 25 (standard rig only). Mick. At the end of a trip, I never look forward totearing downSummer Dance, pulling her out of the water, and tying her down for the ride home. You might not want to do it that way your first few times, so hereswhat it looks like using the boom as a gin pole. pin in the turnbuckle, attach forward lowers to pad eyes and tune your Alex. You wouldnt need to be concerned about painting or rust. I connect the forestay to a shackle on the top side of the (upper) end of the boom. But other than that modification, I wouldnt change a thing. All content provided on The $tingy Sailor blog is for informational purposes only. Theyre almost perfectly aligned with the tabernacle. Pad the mast at all contact points to prevent damage. Good afternoon Ken, i have a mac 25 that id like to incorporate your ingenious system to,however, i want to eliminate the top segment & install something about a foot out on each spreader but am wondering if i need to use swivel blocks on the spreaders or will eye straps work ? These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time with or without notice. With the main sheet cam cleat at the stem plate, I can easily stop raising the mast at any point, cleat the line with a sharp tug, and then clear snagsormoveto a better lifting position. It made all the difference so much easier when raising and lowering the mast. If youre interested in a fabricationdrawing and materialslist, keep reading to the end of this post and a special offer. But when I try to lift the mast with the forstay cant do. Mast Up Sailboat Mast Raising System is an easy mast stepping device and supports your mast while If you would be kind enough to send a pic of what ever type of pulley system i would greatly appreciate that very much. Heres a video showing the entire process completed in about 4 and a half leisurely minutes. Thanks! When released, theyre out of reach. I have seen about 32 in the last 10 years. The first is thelaunch checklist that I use to prepare and launch Summer Dance. Tie the mast and boom securely to the bow and stern pulpits. Just started following your site. I was very ill. When were tied off at the dock, the cradle makes flaking the mainsail properly easier than before because its partly done already. Hi. There are several treatment strategies available for which an individualized program would be generated by one of our clinicians. After I measure it, Ill update this comment soon with the amount that I used. These 1,617 students were selected from over 68,000 applicants from across the country to continue through our selection process based on their academic excellence, leadership, and service demonstrated in school and community activities.. The thing is the boat is smaller 20 vs 22 I have no lifelines nor a rear rail, walking down the side of the boat would be a challange, never mind running lines while doing so. Depending on how stretchy your shock cord is, you might want to subtract more or less. I shared the 2017 DIY competition on Small Craft Advisor Magazines Facebook page and I noticed the 10 most popular projects linkmost of which are on my to-do list! He actually cares about you as a person not as just another patient. I struggle with the mast raising and have an assistant. (with holes that slide onto the pintel posts mounted on the stern of Use on land or water. I would think it would be closer to the bottom end of that range. Typical Mast Support. I uncleat the main sheet at the stem plate first and then hold light tension on the main sheet while I getinto position toresume raising the mast. total. When installing the gin pole hinge bracket you drill through the cabin roof. This forms a sort of funnel (as you can see in the first picture) and gives the mainsail plenty of room to flail around without the battens fouling. Factory-built gin poles, braces, guy wires, and mast-ups, DIY wooden gin poles with winches, bridles, and brace poles, Blocks attached to the pulpit to reusethe trailer winch cable, Electric winches on the trailer or in the tow vehicle, Jumbo bungee cord connected tothe forestay, Assorted Rube Goldberg variations on all the above, A peg on oneend of the pole that fits in ahole in the mast (the factory system for 2nd generation C-22s), A saddle on the end of the gin pole that fits around and is strapped to the mast (most DIY systems). Thanks. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Ive doused my mainsail into these lazy jacks in tempests several times without harm. Fits any boat with either 5/16" or 1/2" pintels or at the mast step. It is a permanent winged keel configuration. I put it in the aft part of the cockpit, use a line attached to an eye up on top and cleated off to the 2 cleats by the winches and it works great. Mast Complete C-22 <-85 Shop by Category Back Shop by Category Deck Fill Pipes & Caps Engine Back Engine Fuel System Froli Bed Springs Garage Sale Back Garage Sale Line Remnants Back Line Remnants Dacron Line Halyard Line Wire Remnants Back Wire Remnants Coax Duplex Triplex Fourplex Handbooks Lifelines, Stanchions, Pulpits through-hull rudder boats). Now I Read More, I am not sure how to say thank you to someone who allowed me to have a life. Appreciate your reply Stingy. The Catalina 22 Experiment > Project Gallery > Mast Cradle You can buy a very nice Mast Cradle from Catalina Direct or you can build your own. Heres what it looks like when its done on the water. I just subscribed to your blog, and Id like the instructions for building a mast crutch like yours. 21155 Smith Switch Road, Ashburn, VA, USA, 9200 E. Mineral Ave., Suite 100, Centennial, CO 80112. By Charlie Gjersvik Deck Plug Dual-Battery Switch Wiring Diagram. I like your use of the ball ties for securing the rigging on the trailer. Its something of a prerequisiteto be a stingy sailor. with an outboard rudder (see the Mast Up Cockpit version for If youre a follower of this blog and have the password, you can finda scale drawing of this bracket on the Downloads page. I also see the stress on the mast crutch essentially dictates one use the transom gudgeons for support. Did you ever do it? Thats right, Jim. Aluminum would be even better if you can get it welded. Question.. How long is your shock cord, and how did you go about Cut slots in the sides for the through bolt to slide up and down. The main sheet or the boom vang typically multiplies the force applied to it by four times. Port Isabel, Texas 78578. ( were in the Pacific) Any input would be greatly appreciated & thank you ! What do you really need once you have the mast bolted to the step? Well, I think they're 25' and at 1.05 -1.11 lbs/ft it's somewhere between 26 and 28 lbs add head, step and misc hdwr maybe 40lbs tops. To obtain the shock cord length, I temporarily rigged the bottom segment with regular cord, measured the length of that cord and then subtracted two feet. to choose for your Mast Up. Offset to one side a little, you should still be able to use your rudder to steer. The side stays prevent the mast from falling over and the backstay will prevent it from falling too far forward. Your site is awesome and very helpful! The trick to this project is determining where to mount the hardware on the mast and boom and how long to make each line. Is there already a long, stiff, portable, stick onboard? Im not concerned about them pulling down on the spreaders too much, there isnt much force applied by the bungee cord and the upper shrouds will resist it. By the end of this post, youll know everything about how I step the mast on Summer Dance single-handed in minutes, even on the water. Lazy jacks can be one of the most complicated rigging systems on a trailerable sailboat but they have a simple function. The length and position of each line is important if the lazy jacks are going to catch the mainsail or just deflect it onto the deck as usual. I am curious about what the black,plastic/rubber item is that looks like its attached to the stern rail by the mast crutch @ 2:45 of the first video Please respond because my curiosity is killing me because I dont get it. Im a bit confused about one thing though. Otherwise, you might be looking at extensive fabrications or commercial mast stepping hardware with a winch. That is, to cradle the mainsail when its lowered so that it doesnt spill onto the cabin and cockpit. I wonder if mounting the ropes at the base would be less apt to damage them if the mast were to go somewhat off-center (to the exrent the upper shrouds allowed)? Its free and you can unsubscribe at any time but almost nobody does! Does anyone know the weight of the mast on a Catalina 22? Either the lines fasten to the boom, which needs to be removed while trailering or they fasten to the mast and you need to reeve the lines through fittings on the boom in order to set them up. Offered By: Fox Yacht Sales-Four Gulf Coast Locations. DIY trailerable sailboat restoration and improvement without throwing your budget overboard. I usually use the halyards to tie everything up, but that takes more time than it should. Mick Hodapp. Special orders are available. Poorly written but pretty simple, huh? The gudgeons can easily handle the weight so long as the pintles on the crutch are sturdy. Love the post and videos!! Mick, I did exactly what you are asking on my setup and it works just fine. The system I use relies on a small right angle bracket. If you dont have the resources to make one yourself, maybe you can find a friend or a metal fabricator to help. This is in north Idaho, mind you, which is relatively remote compared to the Florida coast or southern California. Great post. Try using a long flat roller with uprights to contain the mast. Let me know how they work out for you. It should be close to the bottom of the mast, 1/4-1/2 from the bottom. Its hard to get any one to go sailing with me and thats more just so i have some one to push and one work the winch. Excellent report and diagram on the mast stepper. Grab 'n Go Hook . Im a DIY guy as well and love your site! Catalina 22 Capri. Good morning folks, does anyone who has done this system from the spreaders on a C-22 or a Mac-25 remember the total amount of shock cord they used? Tying the baby stays to the stanchion bases would be more solid but then their pivot points would be too low. The password to open that page was sent to you when you subscribed. I have a C-25 with swing keel so most of all your tips are applicable, very nice, and handy. Its free and you can unsubscribe at any time but almost nobody does! The 'wings' rest against the rub rail to help support it when it's down. Ive had a great time but Im tired and theres many miles to go before I sleep. Thanks, Mick. if pop rivets are the only way to go would ss rivets have to be used & if so, what would you have to do to prevent corrosion between the different metals ? When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. To hold the boom vertical during raising, I use two pieces of pre-tied accessory cord. Thats how the mast was designed to be stepped and it works well if youre young, strong, and there are two or more of you to do the job. YouTube video of the system installed on a MacGregor 26M, Make a Flag Halyard to Fly Your Favorite Colors. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Put a wingnut on the end of the through bolt for easy removal and youve got a pivoting mast. It saves several minutes and is nearly as easy to do. US$20,000 *. Im guessing you are using a basic vang ? Keep my mast in tune without having to loosen and re-tightenthe shroud turnbucklestostep the mast. Use it to buildyour own and save some money for something else. gudgeons. This holds the whole system neatly out of the way until next time. Sailing Terms 3. No certifications are specified for this location. Put the Ken, I love your innovations. Enter your email address below to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Capri 26' mast raising system, Schock 22' and Its free and youll join the hundreds of other stingy sailors that receive exclusive info, news, and offers like this one. Sail-Trailers 6920 Macon Rd Columbus, GA 31907 It's sold by . Ill describe two ways that I step the mast, including one way that doesnt use a gin pole at all. I have replaced the shock cord once but the rest of the system hasnt experience any noticeable wear. For mast raising and lowering, I have it a little easier with a 16ft boat, and can raise the mast single handed juat by manually lifting and walking forward in the cockpit and onto the keel case with the hatch slid forward, although I usually have my wife tension the forestay for some extra assurance. If youre not already a follower (subscriber) of this blog, sign up and youll also receive my next newsletter. Dr. Shor helped me get my life back. Request a Price. I hope you find lots of projects that you can do on your C-25. W have a bond-family. I need to carefully review your technique but it seems ones boom would remain upward; although Im sure you lower it when finished? Fits virtually any boat with an outboard rudder (see the Mast Up Cockpit version for through-hull rudder boats). the boom vang or the mainsheet tackle). Catalina Direct, publishers of the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25 Owner's Handbooks and the largest supplier of parts and Lewmar winches for Catalina Yachts in the country. Also, I receive the posts by e-mail but I never received the password for the download section. They are currently submitting their Semifinalist applications to be reviewed by our Program Reading Committee. gudgeon mounted on the stern of your boat) or 5/16" or 1/2" gudgeons The stanchions arent in much danger because the boom doesnt weight much and it cant wander very far at all since its held in tension between the forestay (running aft) and the main sheet (running forward). Then I tie it all down in a few minutes like shown in the first video. It includes a hold down strap. I saw this question on a recent thread and it reflects my earlier experience also. The exterior has padded seats on the on-deck seating to join the Captain. Your email address will not be published. If you have the tools and the ambition, you could replace your existing tabernacle with a custom made pivoting one. (LogOut/ Or does yours have some reinforcement? Just had lunch with a friend last night and she said she couldn't believe how much my health has c Read More, When I first met Dr. Shor, I was in intensive care, 29 years old, and frightened.