Contract Manufacturing We've always had a passion for creating new candies. Private Label Manufacturer R&D, Formulation, Capsules, Tablets, Softgel, Gummy, Liquids, Powders, Packaging, and more. We use the FutureEdge Clinical Strength Formulary to match, improve or customize formulas to maximize the efficacy of our active ingredients. This blend will be mixed thoroughly, followed by the process of being cooked. ", "I received our product today and everything looks great. Your supplement business deserves top treatment, so you should expect nothing short of excellent. Custom Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing Services GWGummies is powered by Global Widget, a leading manufacturer founded in 2016 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Click Here! While most of our clients choose bottles for gummies, you may also choose to package your gummy supplements in bags. Learn how at Funtrition we believe that taste, indulgence and good nutrition should always go together. Our excellent team of R&D Technologists have developed pectin, gelatin formulas for sports nutrition, natural-product and nutraceutical companies, and many other channels of trade. On the surface, gummy manufacturing may look easy, but there is a much more rigorous process involved in making these delicious supplements high-quality and efficacious. Our range includes a variety of bottle shapes and packaging variations. We offer our manufacturing clients exclusive deals on warehouse storage & order fulfillment services. Get the highest quality, turnkey gummies ready for the ever-evolving market. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Offering your customers a gummy product will help you grow your business and stay relevant with current consumer trends. A Nutritionist that assesses the healthful benefits and nutritional needs of our partners. As a company that complies with all cGMP guidelines and that is registered with the FDA, we proudly provide services for supplement businesses looking to create vegan gummy alternatives. Manufacturers are working to reduce sugar, animal ingredients, and artificial ingredients, and non-GMO and organic claims are also growing. If you are in search of a reliable manufacturer for your business/brand, look no further. The right gummy supplement manufacturer will make things easy for you as you move toward launching or expanding your business. 24-Hour Service +1-844-625-3771. Makers Nutrition provides private labeling services that encompass the entire supplement process, from manufacturing and graphic design to packaging and fulfillment. We are an approved supplier to some of the largest retailers including CVS, Kroger, Walmart, etc. This continual growth really helps show how much people are now looking for gummy vitamins compared to the other forms of encapsulation. Our gummies perform at the highest levels due to our Nano Molecular Technologies and FutureEdge Formulary. The last thing you want is a transactional relationship in this industry, so whether youre a first timer or a veteran, these guys know how to add value no matter what level youre at. We take the raw ingredients and deliver an exceptional product to your customers. Makers Nutrition handles the largest orders of all sorts of gummies, from prenatal to probiotic. Hownature Nutraceutical Corp is a GMP-Certified fulfillment service company. Whatever your desire may be, Superior is ready to guide you through the private label supplements manufacturing process by delivering a high-quality, custom gummy that will be delivered on time and within budget. With a pleasing, soft texture, our gummies can be processed free of gluten, soy, dairy, egg, and peanuts. Were here to build a long lasting relationship with you. Our gummy manufacturer capabilities far exceed any website page, and we welcome your quote request and inquiries regarding the types of gummies we handle and hope to serve as your gummy supplier soon. A trusted manufacturer standing by with vibrant and delicious recipes designed to entice your customers and expand your business. Our water purification system uses Reverse Osmosis/Electrodeionization (RODI) purification technology to produce water with 3 ppm contaminates, free of heavy metals and pharmaceuticals found in city water supplies. CBD, CoQ10, Omegas? Kosher. There was nobody else in the country that was willing to help us that we called until we found superior. Administering the navy by contract had been tried and found wanting it had never been resorted to before and was never used again. A group of gummy scientists and experts have perfected the gummy development process and have turned it into an art. Looking for a range of flavors? Gummies offer a golden opportunity for those looking to widen their offerings and engage with consumers looking for this increasingly popular product. Supplement Facts Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale. Users are encouraged to seek professional assistance and counsel if they are concerned about a specific legal or regulatory issue. Cha products are more than organic and natural, they are ToxicFree. These apple We offer a diverse portfolio of commercially proven, high-margin health and wellness and dietary supplement gummies that enhance consumers' daily wellness routines. Choose the best packaging for your gummies from several options: We can also easily contract private label manufacturing for your nutritional gummies if you already have your own raw materials. We take pride in our focus on compliance and strive to lead the industry in maintaining only the highest quality standards. We have a specialized facility for the development and manufacturing of a breadth of gummy technologies, animal and plant-based, bringing unique nutraceutical products for your new brands and for your portfolio renovations. We came to them because our last manufacturer stopped making the capsule size I needed. From the sourcing of fine ingredients to formulating, manufacturing, lab testing and product packaging, we follow a process-driven approach to quality. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. +12018701397. Although our products have various packaging options, gummies tend to be packaged in either bottles and/or jars. The water is so pure it must circulate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to prohibit bacteria formation and must not flow through metal pipes to avoid leaching the pipes. Small and large batch R&D, Pilots and Manufacturing. We are contract manufacturer s specializing in the infusion of active ingredients into various confection formats. We Reach out to find out more info about our, 3390 Horseless Carriage Dr., Norco, CA 92860. To play, press and hold the enter key. Even with the pectin, the gummy vitamins will come out colorful and tasty like the rest. 310-356-9019, Company Gummy Vitamin Contract Manufacturers - Well, Gummy bear formulas are highly popular delivery methods for nutritional supplements, favored by children and adults alike in India. We are Canada's largest nutritional gummy manufacturer exporting more than 70 million bottles a year with 7 production lines across all 3 facilities. We go above and beyond the FDAs vendor verification requirements, with standards in place to qualify our suppliers and document our vetting processes in detail. We are committed to producing the most innovative and scientifically formulated white label and contract manufactured brands. Cha Nutra is the premier provider of natural and organic formulations backed by clinical studies and a broad range of test market performance validation. Now it basically feels like I have my own production facility. Currently, there are two types of gelling agents: pectin and gelatin. Secondary services include encapsulation, filling, sourcing, testing, labeling, and shipping. Before the slurry is poured, the molds are prepared to be resistant to sticking. A private label gummy vitamin manufacturer with over 30 stock cutting edge pectin based stock formulas. We take your idea and create a reality beyond expectation. Gummy vitamins need to be a mixture of chewy, tasty, and still packed with the correct nutrients. We decided to take that passion and our world class process, and make it available to all. The Path to A Better, Healthier Future. Do you see success with startups who choose to launch gummies? Our previous manufacturer was 3 months late on a production and barely spoke with us. A bland label can ruin a great products chance of success. Since 2005, Life Science Nutritionals has led the way in gummy manufacturing. Need Vegan/Halal/Kosher options? Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality finished product every time while making it as risk-free and easy as possible to do business with us. We are committed to producing the most innovative and scientifically formulated white label and contract manufactured brands. A quality, caffeine-containing, Whats more, we can not only manufacture your product, but we can help you sell it as well through our in-house marketing services. Too many gummy manufacturers over promise and under deliver. Perhaps the fastest-growing market in the nutraceutical industry is that of gummies. In the 5 years weve had them make our product, which is a custom formulation, they have never delivered late once. Is your brand looking for more conventional products such as multivitamins and/or adult essentials? With years of experience and client success stories, we can help guide you towards your business goals. Here are some reasons why their customers are pursuing gummies over other vitamin formats. We are the only gummy manufacturing company that is ToxicFree Certified. We use proprietary starch-less mold technology to create a clean environment free of contaminants to ensure superior products consistently come off the line. Better Nutritionals, a prominent gummy contract manufacturer, declared bankruptcy last month, just one day after suing its biggest customer, Goli Nutrition, to recover what it says are huge sunk costs. All rights reserved. Technology Well work with you to create the custom product you need. Example: +water -Europe We offer a large variety of premium packaging options to set your product apart from the pack. We're a vertically integrated, next-generation contract manufacturer specializing in private label gummy production. Popular flavors include strawberry, blueberry, apple, and more. Please contact our team to discuss your needs. Youve worked hard to create a custom formulation you know will fit your market. We are proud to offer the most state-of-the-art gummy production capabilities in the industry which allow us to work with . All rights reserved. If you're in need of a reliable manufacturing partner, you've come to the right place. Enclose phrases in quotes. We at Superior recognize that packaging is more than just having something that holds your product. When it comes to shapes, there is indeed variety. benefits customers could ask for. As an FDA Registered, cGMP Certified Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Facility assessed by SGSan internationally recognized, third-party authentication entity we take pride in adhering to the strict quality standards for dietary supplement manufacturing. Their singular mission is to ensure the quality, compliance, safety and effectiveness of all our products. The 11 Golden Rules of Contract Manufacturing; How to Choose the Best Manufacturer; News; Contact; Request Quote. supplement brand for the rest and relaxation they need. Better Nutritionals earns an array of manufacturing certifications, including recognition as BRC- and NSF-certified. Your brand will shine with a truly competitive product in an extremely competitive market. 24-Hour Service . Gummy vitamins can also be made to be halal, kosher, vegan or vegetarian friendly along with sugar and allergen free. In addition to our in-house bottling capabilities, we work with premium partners to bag, bottle, or box your gummy in a packaging design that fits your brand. Gummy Pioneers Life Science Nutritionals (LSN) is the leading contract manufacturer of enhanced confectionery delivery systems for the probiotic markets. Contract manufacturing can sometimes cancel out options for business owners and their customers. We push the envelope every day when it comes to innovation, creativity, and quality standards. Throughout our recipe development process our hand-picked panel of experts are in place to work with you on everything from the flavor, nutritional value, stability, consistency, and overall healthful benefits of your new gummy. Click to Call . The end result is a product perfected for your brand and your customers. Our in-house Research & Development Team works closely with clients to create vitamin gummies, hard capsules, and soft gels in a cGMP, USDA Organic certified facility. As a marketing agency working in the supplement industry, we work with many suppliers on behalf of our clients. Because Makers Nutrition handles gummies in facilities that are FDA registered, GMP compliant, and audited annually to ensure that our procedures are carried out safely, appropriately, and accurately. News We are well positioned to help you successfully capitalize on this trend with high-margin sales opportunities. Terms & Conditions. Full-Service Contract Manufacturer and Packager | Summit Rx. Our next-generation equipment has served our clients wellso much so that our clients attest to our flavor profiles tasting better than those they were previously selling while partnered with another supplement manufacturing company. Weve been using Superior for over 5 years. See Our FDA Registration Verification Here. A Quality Assurance expert who provides confidence to the client that Gummi Worlds high-quality requirements are fulfilled. Our gummies deliver. Mixing & Cooking Ingredients are sourced and mixed to create a blend. We are part of Procaps, a pharmaceutical group dedicated to delivering innovation, health and nutrition, Copyright 2023 Superior Gummy Manufacturer. Your Account Executive will be waiting to treat your product with high-touch, white-glove service no matter the order size. Good Morning Gummies: With late worknights and school papers that were written last minute, The health and wellness gummies market has been growing at an incredible rate for the last few years. Best company ever! We take your idea and create a reality beyond expectation. They are verified by the ToxicFree Foundation as using ingredients that are free from any known toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction components. All Rights Reserved.Makers Nutrition and the Makers Nutrition logo are registered trademarks. We are the gold standard in nutraceutical manufacturing for several reasons. These variables are sometimes tough to control, but once the process is done once, that outcome can be repetitively produced again and again. Discover the. We are the Gummy Manufacturer that can help you. Thats why we have applied for our Novel Foods certification, which will help us serve clients in the United Kingdom and across Europe. You may be unhappy with your current contract manufacturers customer support. ROBUST WHITE LABEL MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS. After the gummies are removed and placed in a large drum tumbler to dry. Better Nutritionals knows a thing or two about gummies, and DouxMatok, well they got a sweet tooth for sugar Incredo Sugar that is! Do you have specific tablet requirements? Superior Gummy Manufacturer is a one-stop shop for all your gummy needs. When you partner with Makers Nutrition, your gummies can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and colors. We are Better Nutritionals, a state-of-the-art contract manufacturer and R&D leader in nutritional supplements. We know the best gummy wins. At CapPlus, we designed our M40 gummy depositor specifically for small batch . If you're in need of a reliable manufacturing partner, you've come to the right place. A Pharmacist who assures that the essential ingredients in your product can be consumed at the greatest bioavailability of your customers. Corn starch is applied to the molds prior to pouring the slurry to prevent the slurry from sticking. Cha Nutra is the only custom gummy manufacturer who can offer this unique combination of features and certifications: We are a certified ToxicFree manufacturer. Get one that shines. Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality finished product. NO OTHER MANUFACTURER meets these criteria. Contact us to discover what we can immediately deliver for your brand. Founder and CEO Jason Provenzano built Makers Nutrition on three principles: customer service, high quality, and cost effectiveness. A label should also go beyond looks and provide all the information your customers need. Whether youre looking for standard or custom packaging, Superior understands that the look and feel of your product are just as important as the formula that you create. With your high-quality sleep supporting gummy, however, your customers can turn to your When we partner with our clients, we provide real-time updates from start to finish on all details, creative solutions, and delivery times to ensure their project goes according to plan. We are the only gummy manufacturing company that is ToxicFree Certified. Some studies estimate gummies growth to top $10.6 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 12.5%. Custom manufacturer of gummy supplements. Email: [email protected], Check out our full line of white label vitamin gummy supplements. A common way the vegan gelatin is made is with pectin. "CBD gummy contract manufacturer" means the same thing as "CBD gummy white labeler" or "CBD gummy private labeller." In the world of bulk product sales, the term "contract manufacturer" is sometimes used to describe a company that produces products for another business. sometimes people need an extra dose of energy in the morning. SUPERIOR TURNKEY MANUFACTURING: As one of the countrys largest supply chain manufacturing networks, were your one-stop-shop for all your supplement manufacturing needs. We specialize in Gummy, Capsule and Liquid Contract Manufacturing of Natural Health Products. Also added to the tumbler is a food-grade oil or wax that will help the gummies stay soft and fresh. The MOQ for gummies depends on the formula and manufacturing needed, but generally speaking, our gummy MOQs range from 500,000 to 1,000,000 pieces. Popular formulas designed for children and adults. We prioritize transparency with each of our customers. Despite that notion, we at Superior also can further customize your packaging so that we can meet any of your needs. With a low up-front cost of only $1,500. We offer a diverse portfolio of commercially proven, high-margin health and wellness and dietary supplement gummies that enhance consumers daily wellness routines. Click here to learn more! Our Account Executives are standing by to assist you. We develop and manufacture products for big box stores, MLM networks, direct response brands, health stores, and multiple celebrity clients. As the cornerstone of our business, well be there for you to answer all inquiries and put your mind at ease before, during, and after the manufacturing of your unique product is complete.